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Introducing a whole new generation of retail printing.  We are proud to announce the Kodak Adaptive Picture Exchange System known as APEX.
APEX Features a whole new generation of Kodak Printers including the Kodak 7000 and the DL2100.  The 7000  is designed for High Capacity, High Reliability, and Sustained High Speed featuring print capacities of 1000 4x6 photos in a single roll. TheDL2100 Printer is the first retail printer to offer double sided glossy photo prints.  Offer double sided calendars, brochures, custom greeting cards.  Kodak's new printer are sure to give you the marketing edge you need to capture the customer.
New Kodak XtraLife II Media is the first to offer both glossy or satin prints from a single SKU.
The new APEX workstation offer new ergonomic workspace and modular cabinet designs to increase staff productivity.
APEX features an advanced high speed processor and enhanced workflow management software which enables simultaneous production of multiple products and orders.
APEX is the first retail printing system that is Adaptable, Scaleable, Flexible, and Profitable.  With units starting at just 6 sq. ft.  No matter how big your business grows APEX can keep up with you.